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Gemstone Beach

Known as Gemstone because the beach is in a constant state of change with the surface changing from sand to stones with the storms and tides. 'Gems' have often been found on the beach, and in the least your fossicking is guaranteed to uncover some very interesting stones. 

The Wild Southern ocean feeds magnificent surf on to Orepuki Beach where you can ride some of the best surf NZ has to offer. Winter wetsuit recommended! Also a great beach for Surfcasting.

Bluecliffs Beach

Bluecliffs Beach is a long coastal stretch at the western end of the massive Te Waewae Bay, near the mouth of the Waiau River. This sandy beach is mostly undeveloped and there are endless opportunities for swimming, surfing, beachcombing and hiking in wild, windswept surroundings.

The bay is designated a marine mammal sanctuary, so sightings of dolphins and whales are plentiful, and it is also the staring point for the South Coast and Hump Ridge Tracks.

Bushmans Museum

This museum displays a comprehensive photographic record of early timber milling operations and a static display of timber milling equipment.

Located in the same building as the Hump Ridge Track office, our museum showcases the story of the early settlers living around "The Hole in the Bush" as Tuatapere was known in the early days.

The bush and the timber resource it provided has played a huge role in the area's development and is still important to this day. We have a good collection of attractively displayed items from the logging era.



Fiordland Helicopters

Experience a hidden world of wild, remote beauty with Fiordland Helicopters.

Take the trip of a lifetime. Owned and operated by Fiordland locals for over 30 years, we know the best places to take you to experience the hidden and wild beauty of New Zealand.

Their 5* rated helicopter tours will show you the most spectacular areas, while offering you freedom on flight paths and landing locations. Some of the remote landing sites we visit are exclusively our own.
At Fiordland Helicopters we promise no less than memories to last you a lifetime…


Takapu Charters

Hunting and fishing in one of the worlds most pristine places.

Not only can you enjoy the exciting fishing PARIMAR is renowned for, but you can do so in comfort and with your coffee (or can!) beside you in virtually any sea conditions.

We specialise in 7 day charters from Chalky & Preservation Inlet, fishing for Groper & Blue Cod, Diving for Crayfish, Scallops and Hunting for Red Deer.

Wairaurahiri Jet Boating

Go on an exhilerating 94km jet boat ride to the sea and back through the heart of the beautiful Fiordland National Park.

Travel across the pristine Lake Hauroko and down to the rugged southern coast via the wild Wairaurahiri River.

Cosy Nook

Cosy Nook is a picturesque rocky cove sheltering several fishing boats and holiday cribs. It is an important cultural and historical Maori settlement site.

Clifden Caves

Glow worms or titiwai find a natural habitat in the Clifden Cave System because of its damp environment with little or no wind.

Explore the Clifden limestone caves and visit a fine example of a suspension bridge while you're there.